Maxxis Bighorn (M918) Radial 6 Ply ATV/UTV Tire

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Tire Width: 10
Wheel diameter: 14
Tire Size: 30x10R14
Ply: 6
Construction: Radial
Position: Rear
Tube: Tubeless (TL)
Depth tread: 27/32"
Classification: Sand, Trail


  • Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the sidewall and rim

  • Raised white lettering on one side

  • Suitable for desert, dirt and rock

  • Radial construction provides better shock absorption, giving you a smoother ride

  • See Maxlite wheels

  • M917: Radial Front Tires

  • M918: Radial Rear Tires

Part numbers:

  • Barcode: 7794205257514

  • Supplier number: TM16630700

  • Catalog number: 011645

Raised white letter
Number: 011645, 011693, 011694, 111024, 111528, 111529

Number: 111745

Compatible Make And Models:

Arctic Cat (Textron), Polaris, Linhai, Nordik Motor, Chironex, Powermax, John Deere, Dinli, CF Moto, Can-am (BRP), Chinook, Midwest, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Kymco, TGB, SYM, Hisun, Kubota, Yamaha, Argo, Club Car

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