CVTech Arctic Cat UTV Trailbloc Drive Pulley

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Types: Drive

Pre-calibrated: Yes

Trailbloc is the perfect solution adapted for today’s ATV and UTV’s needs. Thanks to the many advantages of the Trailbloc all ATV and UTV enthusiasts can ride with a peaceful mind. The Trailbloc pulley is a very compact design giving high performance.

Trailbloc drive pulley holds the edge in the present market:

  • Designed for strength

  • A simple design which has 50% less parts than the competition

  • Assured reliability 15% to 20% lighter than the other pulleys on the market

  • Good ventilation

  • Idle bearing

  • It can come with an Engine

  • Brake System (EBS) mechanism remarkably simple and sturdy

  • Uncompromised performances, exploiting engines to their

  • maximum capabilities

  • Dust cover can be add

  • Made with the best materials

  • Modern manufacturing

  • Precise assembling

  • Maintenance free

  • Maximum diameter: 202mm

  • Minimum diameter: 184mm

Part numbers:

  • Supplier number :0900-0301

  • Catalog number :394517

Compatible Make:
Arctic Cat (Textron)

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